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The sad truth is that nobody lives forever. And yet, many people keep procrastinating about the inevitable, often to the detriment of their beneficiaries, who then are left with the unenviable task up putting the pieces together after a loved one dies or become incapacitated.

You can avoid this by letting Wilkinson, Robert W handle your estate planning.


We can start by setting up a trust so that you may minimize your estate taxes and leave more of your hard-earned money and assets to your family. We'll study your situation and help you determine the best type of trust for your particular situation.


If, on the other hand, you need help you get estate owed to you by the deceased, we'll handle the probate process for you. We are experts when it comes to probate and surrogate court proceedings.

Will and Testament

We can also help you with any type of will, whether it be drafting your own will and testament or executing the will of a deceased. Among the many types of wills, a very important one is the living will.

A living will is not a document that distributes your assets after you die, like other types of wills. Rather, it lays out specific instructions for what type of medical treatment, if any, you may want administered in case you can't communicate your wishes at that time. For example, a living will may instruct whether you give permission to be put on a respirator or have a feeding tube.

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Our Services Include:

  • Estate Planning
  • Living Wills
  • Trusts
  • Probate
  • Guardianship
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